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São Paulo São

Название работы São Paulo São

Рекламируемый продукт City of São Paulo

Рекламное агентство A Equipa, Португалия

Заказчик рекламы São Paulo City Council

Креативный директор Mario Mandacaru

Идея Briefing The challenge was to create a brand for a new online platform to promote the city and its interaction with inhabitants, investors and visitors. It included both visual and verbal identity expressing its zeitgeist as one of the biggest and most dynamic metropolis in the world. Solution Brand Name: ‘São Paulo São’ refers to the city’s multiplicity both in terms of dimension and variety of people and culture from all over the world. In portuguese the second ‘são’ has a double meaning, as to be and as healthful. A direct translation could be either ‘Saint Paul Are’ or ‘Saint Paul Sane’. Baseline: "(são) as coisas boas que são tão nossas/(are) the good things that are really ours” reaffirms the population‘s pride and positive sense of belonging. Communication: The naming can be appropriate as part of the communication reinforcing its meaning and multidimension. São Paulo são pessoas / São Paulo são culturas / São Paulo são músicas // São Paulo are people/ São Paulo are cultures / São Paulo are musics. Brand Visual: At the same time austere and friendly the designed typeface represents ‘the gap concept’ - in such a huge concrete" jungle” with 17 millions inhabitants and some of the taller skyscrapers in the world, life happens in its interspaces. The modularity of its composition also express and reinforce the versatility and variety the city offers.


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