white square.

Play Russian

Название работы Play Russian

Рекламируемый продукт Nike

Рекламное агентство Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Нидерланды

Заказчик рекламы Nike Russia

Креативный директор Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy; Mike Farr & Pierre Janneau

Арт директор Vasco Vicente

Идея To launch Nike’s first ever winter campaign for the Russian market, we doffed our woolly hats to the athletes who defy the elements and turn the white of winter into a canvas of sport. The athletes who ‘Play Russian.’ The film introduces a pantheon of Russian athletes who turn winter into their playground, to encourage sportsmen and women at every level to go outside and push themselves to new limits. As snow falls and temperatures plummet, the rest of the world might wrap up warm and hunker down by the fireside, but not Russia. When the world shivers, Russia plays.

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